3 Steps To Change Your Motorcycle Oil

If there is only one thing I learned about motorcycle maintenance it is this, changing your oil regularly is the most important thing to do. You see oil is the lifeblood of motorcycle and without oil your motorcycle's engine will seize and die. You cannot just use any oil; motorcycles require heavy grade oil to run properly.

This is because the same oil is not only being used to lubricate the engine but the transmission and the clutch as well. As well as acting as a lubricant ensuring metal parts do not touch oil is also used to cool down your motorcycle's engine. Now you can see why I refer to oil as the lifeblood of your motorcycle.

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When it comes to changing the oil every motorcycle is different, so the following steps are a guideline on how to change your oil and oil filter.


Step 1 - Drain the old oil:
Some tips to make this easier include warming up the engine up to thin down the oil, putting the motorcycle on its center stand, unscrewing the oil plug to relieve pressure and slowly rock the motorcycle side to side to speed up the process.

Step 2 - Replace the old oil filter:
After all the oil has been drained you need to replace the oil filter. Once replaced put everything back together and make sure all bolts are tight.

Step 3 - Replace the oil: 
For exact amounts consult your user manual or repair manual. When deciding on the types of motorcycle oil to use always consult your user manual first. My personal preference is to use 20W50 synthetic motorcycle oil in the summer and then I change it up to 10W40 synthetic motorcycle oil in the winter.

As you may have noticed motorcycles require heavy grade oil such as 20W50, 10W40, SAE 60, 75W110 and 75W140, the last two being used in Harley Davidson motorcycles. After you have replaced the oil plug turn the motorcycle on and let it run for a few minutes to distribute the oil around the engine.

There are many motorcycle-specific oils now being produced however an ongoing debate by many motorcyclists objecting to the higher prices of motorcycle oil state that automotive oil is just as good as motorcycle oil. Although motorcycle oil has the same properties as regular automotive oil, shear-stable polymers are added to improve the way it works in motorcycle engines.

Because of these polymers, motorcycle oil will retain its viscosity much longer than automotive oil will. Which is important for the life of your motorcycle. The option of which type of oil to choose, motorcycle oil or automotive oil, is of course yours to make, however for myself if the user manual recommends motorcycle oil I am the type of person to follow it.

There you have it, if there is only one thing you should remember about motorcycle maintenance it is to change your oil and oil filter frequently to ensure the long like of your motorcycle. Now that that is done get out there on your motorcycle and enjoy a ride.


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